West No East


West No East

Both Clayton Skidmore and Brigid Mason build on reinterpreted and misconstrued fragments of nostalgia into visually seductive work. Skidmore’s work exposes language associations through videos, objects, and paintings of the Golden Storybooks. Mason’s work, which is more biographical in nature, works with home movie video stills and googled popular culture images that are translated through carefully prepared opaque oil layers on board.

Artists Sarah Hotchkiss and Luther Kroman’s work creates an interaction with the viewers through history and art. Kroman’s abstract paintings of games such as tennis or Connect Four make obvious references to abstract painters of the past such as Peter Halley and Piet Mondrian while also playing games with the viewer – forcing them into a participant and a spectator in the paintings. Hotchkiss, through text based works and collage explores the legacy of space exploration through the eyes of her childhood friends; the children of astrophysicists. Her work questions ideological structures of the past, questioning what the vision of the future is and how will it play out?

West No East was curated by Russell Shoemaker.
Sarah Hotchkiss lives and works in San Francisco CA. She received her MFA at California College of the Arts, finished the Skowheagan program, and studied undergrad at Brown University.
Luther Kroman completed his undergraduate degree at Kansas City Art Institute. He currently lives in Richmond VA where he is wrapping up his graduate degree at VCU.
Brigid Mason lives in Los Angels CA. She is a Rhode Island School of Art and Design graduate and completed her MFA at California College of the Arts
Clayton Skidmore spent time at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before transferring to KCAI. He remains in Kansas City.
photographer: Chloe Mann |(816) 261-8621


About Andrew Lyles

Born in Brooklyn, New York 1987. Lived in Chicago-IL, Gary-IN and now my home is Kansas City, MO. I came to Kansas City for the Kansas City Art Institute and graduated/majored in Painting 2010. I ride for Volker Bicycles aka Team Colavita Parisi Coffee! Proud owner of the Spray Booth Gallery, a gallery and also a spay booth for bicycles. Location is in side Volker Bicycles 130 West Wyandotte St. Kansas City, MO 64108.
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